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Managing Increased PPE and Operational Costs in the Dental Office

How will you manage the increased costs associated with new PPE, more expensive PPE or a changed workflow if you can only see one patient at a time? Many dental offices are finding that the cost of face masks that used to be 10-15 cents each are now $2-3 dollars a piece, a 10-20 fold increase. In addition, many offices are considering adding new types of PPE that will need to be changed after each patient and that dentists may not be able to see multiple patients simulataneously, but rather one at a time and sequentially without overlap.  If you cannot see as many patients and each patient has higher costs from PPE and other supplies what is your plan for managing office income? Have insurance companies who have been collecting premiums while dental offices are closed offered to compensate you for increased costs? Some dental insurance companies have advised dentists that they should be ready for decreased reimbursements. Going forward dental offices are faced with the

What is the difference between a dental subscription and a discount dental plan?

Dental offices have different pricing and marketing strategies just like other businesses. Consider Amazon and Bed Bath and Beyond. When shoppers visit Bed Bath and Beyond, they typically have their 20% off coupon. Amazon does not offer coupons. If you compare the cost of products at Amazon and Bed Bath and Beyond with a coupon they are often the same. Similarly, dental offices create different marketing strategies. In its simplest form, a dental subscription is a way to smooth out the cost of dental care into a manageable monthly amount. A discount plan is an incentive to encourage people to join a practice or to join a subscription. Some offices include a discount as part of the subscription. For example, an office may offer to provide hygiene care for $30/month and as an incentive to join this month, offer members of the subscription 15% off any other treatment they receive in the office.  Is a straight subscription or a subscription with a discount better? It depen

How to restart your dental practice with a subscription membership program

Like many dental offices, you may be concerned with the state of the economy after having closed your office and how this will affect your income. During the 2008 recession, unemployment, at its peak, was less than half of what it already is. In addition to being laid off, many other patients will likely have their dental benefits cut or eliminated. Major deterrents to patients seeking dental care include fear of the cost and the lack of transparency with many dental insurance deductibles, co-pays, limitations and other terms that patients do not understand. Patients value a healthy beautiful smile and want great dental care. However, many are concerned about cost and if it fits in their budget. When you create a subscription membership program through Cirrus Dental, you are able to offer patients a simple, clear, and transparent way to afford the dental care that they already want. A $140 bill for an exam and cleaning can be a challenge for someone trying to stretch every dol

Why is Cirrus Dental unique and better than other subscription membership platforms available?

Efficiency, transparency, simplicity. Cirrus was created by a dentist who was faced with the challenge of a major dental insurer demanding an immediate 10 percent reduction in reimbursements and three additional reductions over the next four years.  Rather than complaining, he started investigating, obtained the tax returns of the non-profit dental insurer who was demanding cuts in compensation and learned that they were retaining almost 40% of what patients paid in premiums to fatten the wallets of the company and its executives. To him, this showed that there was an opportunity for a more efficient system. Cirrus created a system that needs only 3.5% of revenues to support itself. With Cirrus you get what you see. We are not an insurance company with actuaries and floors of lawyers. We think we have the best product on the market for both you and your patients. We are so confident that we don’t try to hide our 3.5% service charge. We don’t have sign up fees. We don’t have mo

Welcome to the Cirrus Dental blog

As Cirrus Dental grows in popularity, we were looking for a way to keep our users - and dentists in general - up to speed with features of Cirrus Dental and the benefits of dental membership programs in general.  We know not everyone is on Facebook or Twitter, and decided a blog would be the best way to reach everyone. We hope you enjoy what you read.  To learn more about Cirrus Dental, visit .