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Managing Increased PPE and Operational Costs in the Dental Office

How will you manage the increased costs associated with new PPE, more expensive PPE or a changed workflow if you can only see one patient at a time?

Many dental offices are finding that the cost of face masks that used to be 10-15 cents each are now $2-3 dollars a piece, a 10-20 fold increase. In addition, many offices are considering adding new types of PPE that will need to be changed after each patient and that dentists may not be able to see multiple patients simulataneously, but rather one at a time and sequentially without overlap. 

If you cannot see as many patients and each patient has higher costs from PPE and other supplies what is your plan for managing office income?

Have insurance companies who have been collecting premiums while dental offices are closed offered to compensate you for increased costs? Some dental insurance companies have advised dentists that they should be ready for decreased reimbursements.

Going forward dental offices are faced with the challenges of increased costs and decreased capacity. An in-office dental subscription could help you to manage these challenges.

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